We've changed @iMore and introduced @iMore_Firehose — Here's why!

Starting today, we're changing the way iMore uses Twitter. The @iMore account is no longer going to automatically tweet every article we post. Instead, our editorial team is going to carefully, manually tweet only the stories we think are the most interesting and relevant to you, our readers and community. If you really want everything, just like RSS, you can follow the new @iMore_headlines account. Otherwise, your timeline is about to get less full. So, why the change?

Less is more. We absolutely want to cover anything and everything of substance that relates to Apple, but we also want to be respectful of your time and your attention. Machines set to automatic can't do that. Humans can. So, while it might take us a little longer, while it might not be as efficient, while it might be prone to the occasional error or omission, it'll also be more personal. And that relationship, that trust, is important to us.

We're also tweeting out the names of the authors now from @iMore as well. That's part of being more personal. We're lucky to have some amazing personalities here at iMore and the uniqueness of their experiences, of their voices, is important to us. We want you to know who you wrote what you'll be reading and, if you reply to the tweet, the author will be included in the conversation.

I'd encourage you to follow them directly as well, because each provides so much more than what they write here: @settern for Serenity, @appaholik for Lory, @mikahsargent for Mikah, @Georgia_Dow for Georgia, @simonsage for Daniel, and @reneritchie for yours truly.

So, if you want to use Twitter like RSS, we're happy to provide @iMore_headline for you. If you'd rather be alerted to what we think is the best of the best stuff, and then go and browse through the rest at your leisure, then that's what @iMore will give you.