What are the top 5 new features YOU'd like to see in iOS 8?

Leave a comment listing the top FIVE features YOU want to see in iOS 8! We'll tally them all up and post the results!

The iOS 8 rumors are running hot and heavy these days, what with everything from Healthbook to improved Maps with transit and indoor directions to a separate iTunes Radio app to TextEdit and Preview apps to inter-app communication, to — you get the idea.

A lot of the excitement is because iOS 7 was such a major re-imagining of what a mobile operating system could and should be and iOS 7.1 gave us our first look at that all polished up. It was a herculean task by everyone at Apple but, once done, it opens the door on so many new and great possibilities. That's where you come in. What are the top 5 new features you want to see from Apple in iOS 8?

Put your list of 5 features in the comments. We'll let it run for a few days and and then comb through everyone's replies and distill out the most frequent, most interesting, and most amazing ones and post the results!

That's it, sound off!