We're now a full day removed from the torrent of information Apple threw at us at WWDC 2014 concerning iOS 8, and hopefully by now most folks will have had chance for most of it to sink in a little. There are so many different features to get excited about that it's probably hard to pick a favorite. But we're going to ask anyway. What are you most excited about in iOS 8? Does iCloud Drive give you the cloud storage solution you've been hankering for? How about the impressive new Messages features? Perhaps you're most keen on Continuity, the enhanced synchronicity between your iPhone, iPad and and Mac? Something else?

We're keeping it short and sweet on this fine Tuesday evening, but we've rounded up a selection of some of the things that we think are most exciting to choose from. If we'd listed everything it wouldn't fit on the screen! And that's where the last option comes in. Whatever your choice, drop us a vote in the poll up top and head on down into the comments below and let us know why!