We've had the comprehensive buyers guides, we've had the pajama party, and now the iPhone 5c is officially available to pre-order in the launch markets around the world. We stayed up late – some of us just got up early! – and sure enough when the clock hit 00:01 PDT – almost – pre-orders started lighting up at carriers all around the globe. And then Apple decided to join in. So, we asked you last night which color you were going for, this morning we're turning to capacity. So, what size did you go for if you pre-ordered an iPhone 5c? We want to know which you went for, and why you went for that size.

We spoke about the decision making process on last night's iMore Show, and Peter, Rene and myself all agreed that we thought 32GB was the sweet spot, whichever new iPhone you were going for. It offers a good balance of on-board storage and price, and gives you the extra freedom to install some big games, and download some movies that you might not get with a 16GB phone. But for some folks, price is more important, or 16GB really is plenty for their needs. And that's just fine too. Everyone has a different use case, so they should absolutely go for the iPhone that ticks all the boxes for them.

So, if you've pre-ordered, drop a vote up top as to which one, and let us know in the comments why you came to that decision. Likewise, if you haven't pre-ordered a 5c, let us know what's holding you back.