Over the past little while Apple has improved their Apple TV channel offerings quite a bit and while it seems it's not enough for folks to ditch their cable quite yet, as a product the Apple TV is more compelling than it ever has been especially when you consider the $99 price point. It's pretty much at the point now that if you're already buying your content on iTunes, it's a bit of a no brainer to pick up an Apple TV.

With the exception of the Apple specific stuff such as iTunes Radio, Podcasts and iMovie Theater, there is 27 channels available to iTunes owners depending on region. The likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Vevo, The Weather Channel, YouTube and more have been added with the most recent additions being Watch ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KOR TV but this post is more about what's not available.

Pretty much anything that streams content on the internet could potentially be added to the Apple TV and that leaves a lot of room. So, as it has been asked in the iMore Forums, what channels would you like to see added to the current Apple TV? Personally, I'd like to see Amazon Instant Video added to mix because right now I have to switch over to my Roku to get it and that's a bit bothersome.

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