It's almost go time. Pre-orders for the iPhone 5c are set to begin – on Verizon and Sprint in the U.S. at least – in a few short hours. Some of you might be staying up late to be the first in the queue to pre-order, and that's awesome. We're as excited as everyone else! Actual times seem to be pretty scarce right now, so for many of us there's no clue as to when the pre-orders will go live. Case in point; it's after midnight here in the UK, and no sign so far. It could be a long night! But, if you're pre-ordering, then you've most probably decided which color you're getting, right?

So, be it green, blue, white, pink or yellow, drop us a vote up top for your chosen color. Once you're done, jump into the comments below and let us all know why you stumped for the color you chose.

Still undecided? There's still time, so check out our handy guide to the iPhone 5c!