We've put up our iPad mini event preview, where we went through all the stuff we think Apple may announce tomorrow at their October event. So now it's your turn! What are your predictions?

Since we keep calling it the iPad mini event, we really kind of hope that'll be on the official Keynote list, but what else do you expect to see? Updated iPad 3? A new iMac and Mac mini? What about a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro? Any chance for a new Mac Pro or Retina MacBook Air? Too soon? To physically impossible?

Any updates on deck for peripherals? Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad 2? A newer, better keyboard maybe? New Thunderbolt displays with USB 3?

And how about software? iTunes 11 seems almost certain, but could there be more to it than we've seen so far? Could iOS 6.1 make an appearance? What about iOS 6.0.1? And what features would you want to see?

Could there be a new version of iLife and more urgently, iWork for Mac? Aperture, Final Cut Pro, or Logic due for an update?

iBooks 3.0 should get shown off, but will iBooks for Mac? Will any brand new apps debut? Anything exclusive to the iPad mini?

We're less than a day away, this is your last chance to weigh in -- what to do you expect to see at Apple's Oct. 23 event? Vote in the poll up top and then give me your full predictions in the comments below!