What do you want to see in iPhone 8?

If Apple asked you what you want to see in the upcoming iPhone 8, what would you tell them?

Rumor has it we won't just get iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s this year, but iPhone 8 — or whatever Apple calls the higher-end, more bleeding-edge, 10th anniversary iPhone — as well. But what would make the already premium iPhone even more premium? What would make the next iPhone even more next gen?

  • Water resistance at IP68 levels so it can really take a dive and keep on clicking.
  • Smart Connector for accessories
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Optical image stabilization for all camera.
  • True Tone dynamic color temperature for wide gamut display.
  • Higher density 2K/1080p displays for VR.
  • Increase screen to bezel ratio and OLED display.
  • Even more efficient battery.
  • Distance/Wireless charging.
  • USB-C connector
  • Ceramic casing.
  • Metallic purple or blue finish.

Those are just some ideas, for those hoping for better VR, a double-heavy battery to catch more Pokemon, a camera so the DSLR can finally stay home, or simply new shades of bling. But I want to hear your ideas.

If Apple asked you what you want to see in iPhone 8 — or iPhone X or iPhone Pro or... — what would you tell them?