What do you want to see in iPhone 8?

Rumor has it we won't just get iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s this year, but iPhone 8 — or whatever Apple calls the higher-end, more bleeding-edge, 10th anniversary iPhone — as well. But what would make the already premium iPhone even more premium? What would make the next iPhone even more next gen?

  • Water resistance at IP68 levels so it can really take a dive and keep on clicking.
  • Smart Connector for accessories
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Optical image stabilization for all camera.
  • True Tone dynamic color temperature for wide gamut display.
  • Higher density 2K/1080p displays for VR.
  • Increase screen to bezel ratio and OLED display.
  • Even more efficient battery.
  • Distance/Wireless charging.
  • USB-C connector
  • Ceramic casing.
  • Metallic purple or blue finish.

Those are just some ideas, for those hoping for better VR, a double-heavy battery to catch more Pokemon, a camera so the DSLR can finally stay home, or simply new shades of bling. But I want to hear your ideas.

If Apple asked you what you want to see in iPhone 8 — or iPhone X or iPhone Pro or... — what would you tell them?

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