iPhone event

As we (im)patiently await the big iPhone 6 event to kick off later on today, let's think about what we're most looking forward to seeing. The leaks and rumors have been running wild in recent weeks suggesting 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones making their debut today alongside Apple's oft-rumored iWatch. While we're pretty sure this is an iPhone focused event, there's always room for "one more thing." So what do you most want to see today?

Larger iPhones would represent only the second shift in screen size since Apple begun making the iPhone. It was a huge deal when the iPhone 5 launched and so we'd expect it to be an equally big deal with the iPhone 6. But then there's the iWatch. Wearables are beginning to gain some traction of late and with Apple's apparent inviting of members of the fashion world to todays event, perhaps we're in for something quite, quite different to the rest?

Or maybe Apple will use today to also launch Touch ID enabled refreshes to the iPad line, or even a brand new Apple TV? Beyond phones, who knows. Let us know what you're hoping for the most in poll up top and the comments below.