The title really does say it all -- if Google had never gone ahead with Android and, instead, if they'd maintained their close relationship with Apple, what would iOS 6 be like today? Would Google Maps still be there, and would it be as good as Google Maps on Android is? Would YouTube still be there, and be as good as YouTube on Android? What other services might have been integrated, GTalk instead of iMessage? Google sync instead of iCloud? Would the iPhone 5 ship with NFC-powered Google Wallet? Would the iPad mini come with 20 GB of free space on Google Drive? How far and how deeply could the Apple and Google love affair have gone?

And who would have taken Android's place as Apple's biggest competitor? Would webOS have gotten on Verizon sooner and enjoyed all the marketing that went instead to Droid? Would BlackBerry have kept more of its user base and gained more of the not-Apple share? Would Samsung have gone all-in on Windows Phone and be neck-in-neck with Nokia for the top spot? Would Facebook or Amazon have already rushed in to fill the void?

Put your imaginations to work and give me your best guess -- where would our iPhones and iPads, and the rest of the mobile industry be today if Google had never left Apple?