What if iPhone 2.0 had been 3G Exclusive?

There's been some chatter here, and in the blogsphere in general, that the iPhone 3G isn't a compelling enough upgrade for current iPhone users. 3G speed is nice, but not everyone has it in their area. GPS rocks, but Google cell and Skyhook WiFi triangulation is good enough for a lot of location services. And the flush headset jack? Already bought an adapter. So aside from some internals, like rejiggered sensor arrays, better speaker quality, and more radio-friendly plastic back, some just don't feel like the iPhone 3G brought enough new stuff!

But what if it had? What if it had brought the mother of all firmware updates?

Steve Jobs takes back the stage at WWDC 2008, thanks Scott Forstall and everyone, says how wonderful the SDK looks, goes over all the new features coming to the platform with 2.0, and then reaches into his pocket and says: "But there's one more thing..." And pulls out something just a little sleeker and blacker backed. "All those 2.0 features, all the enterprise and SDK goodness..." He holds it up and the light flashes against its more tapered sliver bezel. "Are coming EXCLUSIVELY to the new iPhone 3G!"


Crazy? Sure. It probably would have broken the internet in half and set off a mountain of protests that would have made the $200 price drop nonsense seem like a molehill. Arguments and counter-arguments would have raged, Apple fanboys would have been split, Apple-haters would have pounced...

But it would have made the iPhone 3G a much more compelling upgrade, wouldn't it?

Sure, maybe the iPhone 3G we got was somewhere between tweak and evolution on the typical Apple product roadmap, but --

"iPhone 2.0, Available Exclusively on 3G..."

-- Would anyone seriously have preferred that?