The Nike Fuelband is just one of a growing number of wearable activity trackers, and the idea behind them is really great. You put it on, and just forget about it, and it does its thing and tracks your daily physical activity. Better still, keep one on at night and some can detect sleep patterns. It's pretty impressive, and says a lot about wearable tech. But, as Michael Grothaus at Fast Company points out, it can detect and inform a lot more than that:

But it is an interesting (and slightly frightening) discovery that given access to your fitness data, a third party can glean information about your sex life from a health tracker meant to track your fitness.

There's all kinds of points raised in a pretty detailed post, but it does pose an interesting question. We're quick to shun the thought of sharing our locations and our activities with companies such as Google, yet we could – albeit unwittingly – be recording and sharing information about our personal lives. And as wearable technology increases in popularity, it's a question we'll no doubt be asking ourselves again. Though, that exercise session at 1.30am might not be the one you want to share with all your Facebook friends. Thoughts?

Source: Fast Company via Gizmodo

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