With the recent celebrations surrounding 30 years of Mac, there has been a lot of focus placed on Apple products. Even Apple has themselves have used the anniversary to highlight their technology going all the way back to the earliest Mac right up to the latest iPhone.

We used Macintosh Classics in the computer lab at school in Junior High, I've been a fan ever since.Algus, iMore Forums Member

For a lot of folks, their first Apple product was a Mac but for many others their first product was the iPhone. A recent thread in the iMore Forums asks an interesting question, what made you decide to try an Apple product? 

Well everyone at my high school had an iPod touch and saying how good they were so I got one.acerace113, iMore Forums Member

For a long time, Apple was a pretty niche brand but now that has all changed and Apple is everywhere. The name is known, the brand known but at some point in time everyone using an Apple product had to make a choice among a sea of other options available.

Looking at all the answers in the forums, it's easy to see there's numerous reasons that people pick up an Apple product. Everything from the simplicity, ease of use and reliability right down to just wanting to try something a bit different from the norm. So, with that being said, what made you decide to try an Apple product? Have your say in the forums.

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