There's been a lot of debate about both the recent Apple iPad & Mac event, and the nature of the iPad compared to competing products like Microsoft's Surface. I've joined in on both fronts. Ben Thompson, however, has neatly tied both up together and topped them with a bow. Stratechery:

If your worldview of productivity is limited to what can be done on a PC – documents, spreadsheets, presentations, coding – then of course you will produce a product that is like a PC, but worse for having tablet features. Of course you'll produce a Surface.

If, though, your worldview of productivity is defined not by the PC, but rather by people – by the liberal arts – then you will produce a product that is nothing like a PC, but rather an intimate, responsive object that invites people in, and transforms itself into whatever you need it to be.

You'll produce an iPad.

It's the "why" of the iPad, and something Thompson felt Apple completely failed to address at last week's event. Instead of Phil Schiller on stage dolling out specs, the iPad needs Phil Schiller or Tim Cook in a chair projecting experience. Because, like the video up top extols, technology alone is not enough.

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Source: Stratechery