Apple has released two more iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ads, Huge and Cameras. Part of the Bigger than Big series launched at the Apple Event on September 19, both once again feature the vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, but this time focus on screen size and photography.

In the the first ad, Huge, Timberlake stays locked on the new sizes while Fallon points out the sizes enable better experiences, like watching a video, using 3D in Maps, tracking activity in Health, editing a video in iMovie, and mixing music in GarageBand. To each of those, Timberlake responds with... HUGE!

In the second ad, Camera, Fallon and Timberlake talk about the new photography and videography features. There's the new 240fps slow(er)-mo, time lapse, image stabilization, and editing tools.

Unlike the last iPhone 5s series, Powerful, none of these ads focus on any third party apps or accessories at all. They focus entirely on new features built right into the new phones. And that's fine. The apps and accessories will no doubt come. Right now it's time to talk about the hardware, software, and services that come in the box.

As to Fallon and Timberlake, they'll amusing, and certainly more lighthearted than some of the previous voice-overs have been, like Peter Coyote or Robin Williams. Still, any time I hear them together I can't help wishing they'd just break into History of Rap again...

What do you think about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ads?