Could Verizon Handle the iPhone (Chart)

What would a Verizon iPhone be like? We ask because almost everyone in the US wants the iPhone on Verizon, or so our comments, tweets, and email tell us. But how often do we stop and think about what that device might actually be.

Developer Marco Arment has done just that, but instead of a wondrous network dream, he's giving us a lockdown nightmare:

  • Verizon to demand 30-50% commission on all on-device App Store sales, and all iTunes media sales.
  • If not a complete replacement of the App Store with Verizon's own application market.
  • Removal of key applications to force users to pay for premium Verizon services (like V-Cast in lieu of Maps)
  • Removal of WiFi and lockdown of GPS (okay, we added that for old times sake -- but it's happened with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile)
  • Ugly Verizon branding plastered all over the iPhone.

Arment theorizes this is why we haven't seen it happen yet:

I bet Apple did go to them this past spring to attempt to get a Verizon iPhone off the ground, and I bet Apple’s reps left the discussions, thinking, “These guys are nuts.”

Fact or FUD? It will be interesting to see, based on yesterday's Android "openness" announcement, if Verizon really has changed their ways, or if users who want the iPhone on Verizon would ultimately get an iPhone they didn't want.

Oh, bitter, poetic irony.

Let us know what you think, best case and worst.