What would you change about Apple Music?

Part streaming service, part music locker, part internet radio, and part social network, Apple Music packs a lot of features into one vision. Add to that an all new Music app for iPhone and iPad, and yet another component for iTunes on Mac and Windows, and Apple Music isn't just a big deal—it's big period.

For some, the consolidation and integration of having all their music, all in one place, isn't just convenient, it's compelling. For others, having to figure out how to not only use it all, but find it all in the first place is confusing and confounding.

Since Apple Music is so new, we're going to leave this one wide open. Sign up, set up, navigation, music management, playlists, discovery, programming, it's all on the table. If you want more granular cellular option, or a Beats 2 for country or classical, we want to hear about it.

In other words, if Apple is working on improving Music for iOS 9 and beyond, what would you like to see improved?