What would you change about Apple's Calendar app?

Calendar was one of the original apps on the original iPhone. It started off simply but over the years it added Exchange support, landscape mode, a week view, a year view on iPad, the ability to touch and drag events around, and more. Apple renamed iCal on the Mac to Calendar to match the iPhone and iPad. And, after an era of heavy design, Calendar also got a clean, crisp makeover as part of the overall iOS redesign last year.

That's what Calendar is, but we want to know what you'd like it to be?

  • Natural language text entry
  • Calendar extensions for third-party apps
  • Unified Calendar/Reminders app
  • Increased gesture support
  • Integrate with online services
  • Easier Calendar subscriptions
  • Dark theme
  • Integrated weather
  • Attachment support

If Apple asked you what you wanted in Calendar for iOS 9, what would you tell them?