What would you change about Apple's Podcasts app?

Apple is celebrating #10YearsOfPodcasts on iTunes, not just with a special section but with the fortuitously timed release of a brand new iPod touch. What's more, Apple has also announced iOS 9 for this fall, with a new icon for Podcasts.app on the outside and new features like Up Next on the inside.

There are a lot of great podcast apps on iOS with a lot of great features, but many people stick to the built-in apps because they're built-in. For the iMore show, Apple's Podcasts app is used by almost 47% of our listeners. (iTunes—and apps that report as iTunes—follows at almost 21%, then Overcast at just over 19%, and Pocket Casts at 5%.).

So, if you're a forty-seven-percenter, even occasionally, here's the question—what would you like to see changed and improved about the iOS Podcasts app? If you use something else, what do you see missing or in need of improvement in Apple's app?

  • Better podcast discovery tools
  • Social recommendations
  • iOS 9-style intelligence in Search
  • Better Top Charts layout
  • Smarter Top Charts that filter out old versions and discontinued/dormant shows.
  • Ability to bookmark times in a show for later reference (including via Siri)
  • Better playlist/station creation tools (or more consistency with Music in iOS 8.4)
  • Connect for Podcasters

If Apple came to you and asked what you'd like to see in Podcasts for iOS 9—or iOS 10!—what would you tell them?

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