Though still in beta, Apple has expanded their offering to include the iWork suite of apps for the first time. But, what other services would you like to see Apple bring to There's so much potential for web based products, with a number of competing service providers already offering a wide variety of products, but many of Apple's offerings still rely upon native applications for OS X and Windows.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft offer cloud based web portals to entertainment products like Xbox Music and Google Play Music, with Google also offering Movies and TV shows to view using YouTube after purchase. Google and Microsoft also offer cloud storage for your files, something Apple does not presently provide directly as part of iCloud. Considering iTunes in particular, with iTunes Radio launching this fall with iOS 7, it would seem as good a time as any to turn to the web. Or how about iBooks? We're about to finally get it on the Mac with OS X Mavericks, but Google, Amazon and Barnes & Noble all offer a web client for reading eBooks. So perhaps that should be something on Apple's to-do list?

Photos would be another good choice, perhaps combined with the return of an iDisk type feature. This is something Google does particularly well with Drive and the new way they handle photos through Google+. Apple already has a toe dipped in this arena in Photostream, so is there any reason why adding some form of iPhoto to the web portal would be a bad idea? And being unable to use iCloud for any real file storage is a downer for many of us.

There's plenty to choose from, but what would you like to see Apple integrate into next? Something we've discussed here or perhaps something else entirely? Drop a vote in the poll up top and leave a comment below sharing your thoughts with us!