There has been a bit of talk about mobile gaming in these parts this week, and while the Talk Mobile discussions are incredible -- really, they are so check them out if you haven't already -- we wanted to bring it back to iOS a little. Unlike our Windows or Android loving friends, our device choices for mobile gaming are pretty limited; one line of phone, two different tablets, the iPod touch and the Apple TV. But, that doesn't mean we don't target one of these specifically for getting our game on.

Each device has their own unique points that may assist someone choosing to use them as a gaming device. The iPod touch, for example, runs the same games as the iPhone while being just as portable, but it doesn't make calls so you can keep your iPhone free for communicating with the world. Whereas the iPad has that big, beautiful display, and the iPad mini offers a large display in a more portable form factor.

Personally, I like to get my gaming fix on my iPad. I like having the large screen to play on -- Real Racing 3 just doesn't feel the same on the iPhone. I also rely on my iPhone heavily to keep me connected with the world, the iMore team, my friends and family, so I don't really want to destroy the battery by playing endless sessions of Crazy Taxi. I do however love to use my Apple TV to mirror my games to my big screen TV. I like the feeling that I'm actually using a controller, and playing the game on the big screen in front of me just adds an extra dimension.

But, that's me, we want to hear about you! Drop us your vote in the poll up top, and drop into the comments below and let us know why you chose what you chose!