What's New on the App Store: Disney's Gif keyboard, Tales from Deep Space, and more!

This week on the App Store, there are a couple of new apps for having fun with your photos. Polarr is a photo editor that packs in a lot of advanced, granular functionality, while ReType helps you put great typography on top of your images. Also new this week is Disney Gif, a keyboard made by Disney themselves that gives you access to GIFs from your favorite Disney, Pixar, or Star Wars films.

There are a number of new games in the store this week, covering everything from action, to strategy, to mystery. Tales from Deep Space is a new title from Amazon Game Studios, an action-adventure game set in a space station. Siegefall is the latest free-to-play strategy title from Gameloft. Her Story is a murder mystery that utilizes live-action video in order to immerse you in the mystery.

This week, Apple is highlighting what it considers to be its 15 most challenging games. These include titles like Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, first-person shooter Hitman: Sniper, and RPG Banner Saga.

Check out all of the new apps and games on the store, and be sure to tell us about your favorites.

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