What's new on the App Store: The New Yorker, Warbits, and The Jungle Book

We start our look at new apps this week with The New Yorker Today, which offers a continuously-updated feed of the magazine's editors' picks. Imprint, a curated men's clothing and lifestyle publication, has launched its app. Blogo, a popular blogging utility on the Mac, has now launched for iPhone and iPad. Finally, check out This, an app that lets you annotate photos and screenshots with text, shapes, and pointers.

Games this week start with Warbits, a new turn-based strategy title. If you're looking for a new word game, check out the Spellspire, in which spelling is your key to advancing through an epic fantasy world. Cell Surgeon is a new match four strategy game that puts you in a colorful 3D world. You should also take a look at NO THING, a surreal, story-based adventure.

To mark the upcoming release of the live-action Jungle Book film in theaters, Apple is promoting a set of jungle-themed apps. These apps including Disney's Jungle Book story app, along with apps like Toca Nature, Goodnight Safari, and Foodo World.

Check back next week for more new apps and games from the App Store, and remember to check out this week's Free App of the Week.

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