What's new with Siri on Mac

With macOS High Sierra, Apple is bringing new features to Siri, its digital assistant. While these updates aren't quite as extensive as those found in Siri for iOS 11, they are still some interesting additions for those that have come to enjoy using Siri on their Mac.

Here's what you can expect from Siri in macOS High Sierra.

New voices

The first thing many Siri users are likely to notice when macOS High Sierra ships later this year is Siri's more natural-sounding voice. Apple has put a lot of work into making both female and male voices for Siri that are more expressive, with the ability to change emphasis and intonation based on what's being said. You'll notice these changes in everything from jokes to weather reports.

Siri is your DJ

The other major change in Siri for Mac coming with High Sierra has to do with music. Siri now has a better ability to work with your music, and you can ask Siri to, for instance, put on a good playlist for the weekend, or put on some music that's good for a party. Siri will learn about your preferences and, if you're an Apple Music subscriber, offer you recommendations based on what you like.

Type away

Just as you'll be able to in iOS 11, macOS High Siri will give you the option of typing to Siri instead of speaking. However, if you want the option of typing out your Siri requests, know that you'll need to head to the Accessibility settings to activate it. Activating typing to Siri also means that, for the most part, you won't be able to also speak to Siri, as for now, Apple has made it a one-or-the-other sort of feature.


If you want more information about Siri in macOS High Sierra, tell us down in the comments.