What's the worst gadget you've ever bought?

What's the worst device, accessory, or miscellaneous piece of technology you've ever had the misfortune to use? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently said the Android-powered HTC Thunderbolt phone was one of the worst gadgets he'd ever bought. Given that Woz probably buys all the gadgets, that's quite a condemnation. How about you?

Was it a phone that did nothing but disappoint? A tablet that wasn't worth the cheap plastic it was made out of? Something you bought out of an airplane catalog store that you should have known better about? An early Android? A press-screen BlackBerry? A mouse made by Apple?

There's likely a lot of bad to choose between, but when it comes to the worst, there can be only one -- so which was it? Leave your answer below and we'll share our favorites, and our own picks, on the next episode of the iMore show