What's your next dream Mac?

Rumors, as always, are swirling over what next-generation Macs Apple might announce in 2013 in general, and at next month's WWDC show in specific. But which one are you most interested in?

The Retina MacBook Air is probably high on many people's wish lists. Like the Retina iPad mini, getting a 2x display into a device that's just as thin and gets just as good battery life is a daunting task, but if and when Apple can do it, would that be the Mac of your dreams? Or would an updated MacBook Pro, something running Intel's Haswell architecture, be enough, or perhaps even better for you?

What about a Retina iMac? If Apple could ship a 5120x2880 display in that new, razor-edged design, would that be every photographer, videographer, or just plain desktop lover's fantasy made manifest?

The Mac Pro has been languishing in update purgatory for the last few years, so how about -- finally -- an update to Apple's powerhouse? The latest Xeon processors, Thunderbolt support, maybe even a new casing design? Or what about the long-sought after Mac Mini Pro, a tiny tower that's still expandable to some degree but caters to a slightly more mid-range market.

Whether we see it at WWDC, later this fall, or even next year, what's your next dream Mac? Vote in the poll up top and let me know why in the comments below!

Photo: @adelduca