Unless you're a big brand, it may be hard to get consumers to use your app

In a report by comScore analyzing app usage, it seems that the top 25 most used apps are made by some of the largest tech and digital media brands in the world. With Facebook leading the charge by number of users and time spent in its apps, others on the list include Google, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. Surprisingly, though, games did not make the list.

The ranking of top apps is dominated by app constellations of some of the largest digital media brands; specifically, Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. These six brands account for 9 of the top 10 most used apps, 16 of the top 25, and 24 of the top 50.

Unless you're a big brand, it may be hard to get consumers to use your app

Second to Facebook is YouTube. Other apps featured on that list include Google Maps, Instagram, Yahoo Stocks, Yahoo Weather Widget, Twitter, Google+, Netflix, Pandora, eBay, Skype, and Amazon.

A majority of mobile app engagement comes from only a select few categories, with Social Networking, Games and Radio contributing nearly half of the total time spent on mobile apps.

Surprisingly, though, despite its popularity for iOS users, iMessage did not make the cut, indicating that cross-platform compatibility does drive higher app usage numbers as we're seeing with the inclusion of Skype, Kik Messenger, and Facebook Messenger. Another surprise is that Gogole's Hangouts is also absent from that list.

What are some of your favorite apps that you use on a regular basis? What are some of the apps not on this list that you would recommend to other smartphone users?

Source: comScore