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What does all this SDK talk mean with respect to the popular DataViz products like Documents To Go? Read on, my friends!

Although it's easy to be swallowed up in the sea of information spilling forth from the SDK Roadmap earlier today, and even though I'm still hoping for Stevie J to throw us a bone (like copy/paste ready for download from iTunes? ahem), I'm trying to stay calm. Deep breath. Maybe another piece of good news will help.

One of my favorite apps from my Treo days is DataViz's DocsToGo. I tried to reach DataViz for comment with regard to the SDK release and their plans for bringing their products to the iPhone, but alas, the time-zone gods are against me and all I could come up with was a blurb from their website. Read their statement and glean what you can:

We are currently investigating the opportunity to develop Documents To Go, RoadSync, Passwords Plus and any of our other software titles for the iPhone and would appreciate your feedback.

Here's our feedback: Yes, Please.

After the break, DataViz CEO Dick Fontana talks up the SDK for Fox News. [via] -- "DataViz has a long relationship with Apple which gives Dick reason to be optimistic about the opportunities for DataViz with the iPhone." -- indeed.