David Berlind asks the poignant question "Where the hell is Microsoft?". A question I've often asked myself.

Where the heck is Microsoft? Earlier this year, Microsoft launched the newest version of Windows Mobile (version 6) and there’s a slew of devices built on the new mobile OS (we have video of them here) with more coming (like the new HTC touchscreen handset). But even with the new software and gear, the “if we build it, they will come” strategy is not a good one in the face of a foe like Apple. I was equally stymied by Microsoft’s inability to grasp the importance of image marketing with its Zune (see: To Win, Zune will need a Bono).

It's true I am an Apple fanboy and I'm totally stoked over the iPhone, but I also happen to be passionate about technology...especially MOBILE technology. And truth be told I have a certain fondness for the Windows Mobile ecosystem. Needless to say I find Microsoft's utter lack of response to iPhone both alarming and tragic.