Where's My Water 2

The sequel to everybody's favorite liquid physics game, Where's My Water, hit the App Store today. Where's My Water 2 keeps the same formula of digging a trench to guide clean water to a fussy alligator waiting to have a shower, but there are a few new twists. There's a new Challenge mode which remixes levels you've already beaten. There are new Duck Rush levels where you've got to find as many of the squeaky toys as possible as the screen scrolls downwar. There are also microtransactions enabled for boosts which help you get all the ducks in a level. Different characters tweak game mechanics, which offers a few strategic options, and as icing on the cake, you've got collectible ducks, and Facebook connect for leaderboards.

Where's my Water? has become a massive hit in relatively little time, so I doubt that this is going to be the last sequel we see in the franchise. What's interesting here is that the game is seeing a simultaneous launch on iOS and Windows Phone. That's right, not Android. I wonder how many more deals like this that Microsoft can shoulder Google out of.

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