Which iPhone or iPad app do you reach for first in the morning?

The light, the sound, a pet, a person — something! — wakes you up in the morning and, sleep and dreams still swirling through your brain, you grope, bleary-eyed for your iPhone or iPad, fumble-to-unlock, and then swipe and tap around to launch... which app exactly?

Maybe it's your Mail or WhatsApp or other instant-messenger of choice? Maybe your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline or other social network? Maybe you're even alert and awake enough for Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, or Threes!? Or maybe, like me, you go immediately to the iMore app and forums so you can quickly catch up on everything Apple?

Personally, I scroll through Notification Center on the Lock screen first just in case there's anything urgent, then go to the iMore app to make sure this place is still standing, then hit Twitter.

What's your first app stop of the morning?