Apple's gold iPhone 5s is selling like hotcakes, but over on the Android side, HTC has gone one better and made an extremely limited edition version of the HTC One. Made with actual, real, 18 carat gold. The iPhone 5s is just a regular iPhone with a different colored anodization on the back, but HTC has plated the One with actual gold, in a special collaboration with the MOBO awards. And they're only making five.

So, it's not a phone any of us will ever see ourselves, but our buddy Phil Nickinson over at Android Central has managed to get his hands on one at an event in London, and even snagged a quick side by side with the gold iPhone 5s in the video up top. The difference in color, finish and overall effect is night and day different. The HTC One looks like a phone made of gold. It's shiny, very, very gold and from the looks of it real easy to scuff and damage. Score one for aluminum, then.

We're still on the side of the gold iPhone 5s. Part of the attraction to it is that the gold is more champagne colored, than gold colored, so it produces a more subtle finish. And, since it's not real gold, we're not 'treated' to the same incredibly shiny, somewhat overpowering finish that the HTC One enjoys. That said, the black and gold combination on the One offers a nice contrast.

So, who do you think does gold better? Apple or HTC? Drop us your thoughts in to the comments below, and head on over to Android Central for more photos of the gold HTC One.

Source: Android Central