Which missing features do you most want Apple to add to iOS?

Shortly before WWDC 2012 and the unveiling of iOS 6, Rene wrote a monumental article on the "higher hanging fruit" that Apple could still add to the iPhone and iPad to make them more competitive. Sure, iOS isn't for geeks, but that doesn't mean Apple can't show the geeks some love! I for one wish they'd added a few of the things on his list!

Since WPCentral is asking what users want on Windows Phone, I figured I'd ask if anyone here at iMore feels like I do -- that Apple could give us more! How about you?

Even if you just look at what Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry have announced for this year, never mind the existing features, there's a lot Apple could do to add some sizzle to iOS and make those who've chosen non-Apple devices a little more envious of iPhone and iPad owners.

So I'm asking -- if you could have any feature or features added to iOS, what would they be? A new Home screen experience? Maybe actionable notifications? How about direct document access? A permanent widget area? A better fast app switcher? How about some theming options? Or a universal Spotlight search that hooked into Siri?

Synergy, contracts/intents, better navigation gestures, a Flash video player, Gatekeeper, app demos and update pricing? The list can go on and on, but I only want your most important missing features!

No poll this time, just wide open comments and your chance to sound off and tell Apple what you think their feature priorities should be! What do you want to see Apple add to iOS?