It's a question we've all been asking ourselves, that we've been asked the most of others, and that we've come to different decisions on. iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display? The fact that it's such a touch decision is testament to how impressive both new iPads are. Both Rene and myself have come to our own individual decisions for our own individual reasons, but what about you guys; which new iPad did you choose?

The primary reason behind the tough decision is that both new iPads are basically offering the same on the hardware, and the experience front. Clock speed aside both have the same A7 chip, the same resolution display, the same storage capacities and cellular variants and the same colors. They're basically the same save for the size; one is 9.7-inches, the other 7.9-inches. Of course, the Retina iPad mini costs less than the iPad Air due to it's smaller size, but no longer are we compromised in anyway by going for the smaller option.

It basically all comes down to personal preference. Some want the larger display on the iPad Air, others the enhanced portability of going for the Retina iPad mini. There's no right, wrong or bad choice, but there is still a choice to be made. So, which did you go for? iPad Air? Retina iPad mini? Both?! Or maybe you're still undecided or purposely holding off. Drop a vote up top, and tell us what you went for and why in the comments below!