New hardware; both a delight and a frustration. What to get? That is, if to buy at all. While we may have expected the two new devices heading into today's event, the retention of the iPhone 4s was a little curveball thrown our way. So, the decision is perhaps trickier for those considering an upgrade to a new iPhone when they hit the store shelves on September 20.

So, we've all had a little time to digest, but we're interested to hear the early thoughts of the iMore readers as to which iPhone you'll be getting on September 20. Going for a splash of color and the iPhone 5c, or going for the A7 toting iPhone 5s with its Touch ID and new f/2.2 camera? It's a tough choice for sure, and price will no doubt play a part also. Lots to consider.

Then also, the iPhone 4s still comes into the equation. There's folks out there still rocking an iPhone 4, that might not be convinced enough by the two new devices to make that jump. Is the 4s still the one for you?

Or perhaps you're waiting it out, or perfectly happy where you are. It's early days, but still, let us know which way you're leaning right now!