TiPb Asks: Are you ordering or standing in line for a white iPhone 4?

The white iPhone 4 is official going on sale on Thursday, April 28 and depending where in the world you are... that could be now! Apple online will begin taking orders as your local store passes midnight, and Apple retail and select resellers will start opening the doors pretty much from this moment on, so we want to know if you're getting one?

Rene will be heading over to the Fairview Apple Store in Montreal (say hi if you see him there!), but not matter whether you're ordering online or standing in line, TiPb will be there with you! And so will our iPhone Forum where we're tracking order numbers and stacking lineup pics, so get on over there and get chatting!

Still need some help making up your mind? We've got your back:

Then let us know what you've decided, what you've ordered, where you're lining up, and when you score your white iPhone 4!