There have always been a few white iPhone 4 in the wild, Apple employees in Cupertino the likely suspects, or high profile celebrity friends like Stephen Fry, or even low-profile friends far from the spotlight. Some have been caught on camera, some have been sent in as quiet tips. The only thing that hasn't been seen is the white iPhone 4 generally available for sale online or in stores.

The latest rumor says Apple is still having manufacturing problems involving color consistency, more specifically now matching the white of the Home button with the white of the faceplate. (Yes, Steve Jobs can tell the difference down to a micro-shade at 100 paces).

Apple has only said they're coming end of 2010, though TiPb has heard early next year is also an option. (No exclusive white Verizon iPhone 4 rumors please).

We know some of you are still waiting on a white iPhone 4, but you're willing to wait until Apple gets it perfect, right?

UPDATE: An anonymous tipster just sent us the above white iPhone 4 picture, also in the wild, and confirmed:

I was laughin so hard cuz the Home button really doesn't match the housing!!!

Whether that means Apple really is having a color-matching problem, or whether it means these are just DIY conversions and they don't match we don't know. But we'd like to have the real ones available soon either way.

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