White iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 is probably launching tomorrow. I say probably because you wouldn't know it from Apple. After being announced and showcased at WWDC 2010 -- some 10 months ago -- and then being delayed, delayed again, and unceremoniously removed from every product and store page since, the white iPhone 4 is yet to return. You can't see it on Apple.com. You can't find it for pre-order at Apple Online. Apple hasn't even seen fit to put out a press release saying the white iPhone 4 is finally going on sale tomorrow.

Could everyone have gotten it wrong and Apple isn't going to pull the trigger tomorrow or this week even? We've seen the white iPhone 4 show up in online inventory systems in Europe, the US, and Canada. We've seen reports of the actual boxed devices arriving at resellers -- even getting sold prematurely. Given that's why Apple doesn't like unreleased products sitting in uncontrolled inventory, it's hard to imagine it not going on sale and soon.

Could Apple be embarrassed it took so long and just want to get the white iPhone 4 out the door with as little fuss and attention as possible? Apple is a company, not a person. They don't have emotions, they have sales goals. Not announcing is not how you move product, especially not product you've spent significant time and money to bring to market. Especially not product that a percentage of your customer base has been waiting for.

Could Apple simply not want hype or crowds or excitement or lines this time? Given the difficulty in bringing the white iPhone 4 to market, could they not have ramped up production capacity? We've seen with previous launches that Apple doesn't like to send potential customers home disappointed. By not announcing the release they limit the amount of people who know about it, artificially constraining demand to meet existing supply.

I'll be heading over to my local Apple Store tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some white iPhones for sale. Hopefully there will be enough if a lot of you folks do likewise (though it doesn't look like you're planning on it.