Apple spent the beginning of the company's Loop event on Monday talking about the environment and health. Not shiny new gadgets. Not wild new services. But things that, in a very real way, benefit me, my friends and family, and the world at large.

Jim Dalrymple gets it. Writing for The Loop, gets it:

"When we introduced ResearchKit, our goal was to simply improve medical research and we thought our work was largely done," said Williams. What became clear to us later is the very same tools used to advance medical research can also be used to help people with their care."

With that, Williams announced Apple's next initiative, CareKit. He explained that CareKit is a framework to build apps that empower people to take an active role in their care. You can choose who you share the information with—your doctor, for example—so all of your information is perfectly safe.

The thing is, it's never been about saving the planet. The planet will be fine without humans. Maybe better even. It's about saving ourselves. Both these initiatives, environment and health, work on that from both the global and individual angles.

They're very real examples of Apple applying the company's skill, influence, and money to help save people. Customers, sure. But people. It's optimistic in the most important sense of the word, and I very much hope it's contagious as well. (Please, copy this.)

Read Jim's whole article. And watch the Liam video. At least a couple times.