Why is Apple TV no longer a 'hobby'? 20 million reasons!

During the Q2 2014 conference call today, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, was asked about the Apple TV and why it was no longer being saddled with the "hobby" label from Apple.

Cook responded by re-iterating a point made back at Apple's annual general shareholder meeting, that the Apple TV + digital content purchased on the Apple TV last year added up to a billion dollar business, which is by no means a hobby, even for Apple. Cook also revealed that 20 million Apple TVs have been sold to date.

That might not be iPhone or even iPad sized business, but very, very few things are. The point is, it's becoming good business. With more and more channel partners coming online, and with rumors of an updated Apple TV 4 in the works, including a new processor, more solid state storage and RAM, and perhaps even an App or Game Store in the works, shedding the "hobby" label and recognizing it as a burgeoning business makes the kind of sense that does.

Especially as competitors like the Amazon Fire TV make the entire digital television market more interesting.

Do Cook's comments make you see the Apple TV, and its potential in 2014, any differently?