I remember visiting my father at IBM and watching the massive doors open so they could wheel out the tray of punchcards. I remember going shopping for an Apple II Plus and staring at the glowing green letters across its monochrome display. I remember visiting my father at LGS, and grabbing the mouse on the LISA sitting on the desk next to his, and dragging everything I could into the pictorial representation of a trash can. I remember picking up the iPhone, tapping the Photos icon, and swiping and pinching my through images as though they were real objects beneath my fingers. I remember holding down the Home button and telling Siri to play my music, and smiling a moment later when it did just that. The history of computing is the history of human's interfacing with them, and in his latest video, Dave WIskus shows how we got from there to here, and more importantly — why.

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Update: A transcript is now available on Genius