Wi-Fi Sync, a jailbreak app available in the Cydia Store for $9.99 which allows you to sync content to and from iTunes over a Wi-Fi network, will be getting an update in December allowing for wireless syncing functionality over your iPhone's data connection. That's right, soon you won't even need to be connected to your home or office WiFi network in order to get your iTunes sync on, let alone being tethered to your Mac or PC via a sync cable! From MacStories:

"Today Hughes confirmed the announced feature set and gave us a release date: Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 is coming this December, and the iPod Touch 4th gen will also be supported. As you can see on the official website, over-the-air sync for iTunes is still there, which means no feature has been scraped during development."

Back in May, we did a review on the initial release of Wi-Fi Sync which was followed up by a subsequent article outlining some of the issues that were tied to the desktop client, and how to go about further correcting those issues. It turned out that the desktop client was causing problems when restoring your iPhone, and also presented issues with the iTunes Backup feature. So if you're planning on going out and grabbing this app now, I'd highly suggest taking a look at those posts first -- or simply hold off altogether until the 2.0 update hits Cydia.

We're hoping that these kinks will be smoothed over in the follow-up release of 2.0, as the current version 1.1 has its obvious pros and cons given the issues we've seen. You can follow the developer's twitter [@WiFiSync] to help you keep abreast of the progress on the update for this awesome jailbreak app. You can also visit their website for more information on the future update.

So, will you be purchasing or updating to Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 when it hits the Cydia Store in December? Sound off in the comments below!

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