Flash for the iPhone SDK

How much kicking can an re-un-dead horse take before there's just nothing left but steaming, rotting, fertilizer?

Speaking of which, Adobe is back in the news, again, touting Flash for the iPhone, again, and wondering out loud if Apple will support it, again. Just a couple days ago we went over some of the challenges and potential solutions to Flash on the iPhone, and we've already covered the neglectful bloat and bugs (Adobe's never bothered to optimize Flash for OS X), security (opens additional attack vectors for hackers), and privacy (keeps secret cookies) issues that come with Flash, so why is this back on the radar? Politics.

Adobe is hoping the outcry from the ZOMG! Vidz! fan base, which probably doesn't know about the above, but really wants to watch all that free porn video, combined with pressure from Google's more "open" Android environment (which may or may not actually support Flash, and if it does, may or may not do so in a usable, non-evil manner), will force Apple to let Flash in the door.

We doubt it. AJAX for WebApps and Cocoa Touch for real Apps sucks the "air" out of Adobe's Flash-pirations, and we're pretty sure that's a Good Thing for iPhone users (though, admittedly, not for Flash/Flex developers eager to get on Apple's device but not willing to do so using standard or Apple-provided frameworks).

Personally, while we can see the slim chance for a stripped down, highly-optimized (and 3rd party cookie free!) Flash Player app for video and video alone, we don't see Adobe getting what they really want: their bid for a Rich Internet Application development environment onto the most used mobile platform on the market.

Daring Fireball thinks it's a non-starter as well. How about you? Think we'll ever see Flash on the iPhone? Do we even want to? If so, why?

(Thanks Terry for the tip!)