Apple's iBooks is finally coming to the desktop with OS X Mavericks, but will it see you reading more from the iBook Store? iBooks has been with us since the introduction of the iPad back in 2010, and some 3 and a half years later it finally migrates across to OS X. As we've come to expect from Apple, iBooks on the Mac will integrate seamlessly with your iOS device, mirroring your position, highlights, bookmarks and such to all your devices through iCloud. It sounds great, especially for those who use the textbooks a lot, providing more screen real estate to look at them than on your iPad.

But, it's impossible to overlook the fact that Apple is late — really late — to the game with this. Rival eBook offerings from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble have all had some way of reading books on your Mac for some time, be it a native app or a web portal. iBooks has been thus far exclusive to just iOS devices, so folks who really wanted to read on their Mac may have already looked elsewhere.

Then of course, we should consider the impact of iBooks on the desktop being a native OS X app and not a web app. While Apple's ecosystem is fantastic, there's those occasions that someone either doesn't have a Mac, or has to use a Windows PC, Linux or even a Chromebook. You can't read iBooks without an Apple device, and that's not looking like changing any time soon.

So, we want to hear from you guys. Are you a big iBooks user that's been longing for its arrival on the desktop? Or could you not wait and went somewhere else? Perhaps somewhere in between? Give us your vote up top, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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