Sure, if Apple sticks to the current schedule, the iPhone 6 won't even be announced until later this fall. However, the topic of upgrading from the iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 is already a hot one on the iMore Forums. Upgrades are a tricky thing. Not everyone upgrades to the latest and greatest device as soon as it becomes available. A lot of factors come into play when making the decision, contract length, pricing, and how much value any new features really bring to the table. And, of course, people can and often do change their minds right up until the moment they're ready to pull the upgrade trigger... or walk away. So what's everyone saying?

If it has a larger screen, and not just longer. Also hoping that apple finally wises up and puts a large battery in it.Premium1, iMore Forums Member

Not surprisingly, screen-size is one of this year's biggest factors. We've already the debate over whether or not a bigger display is needed for the iPhone and from that we know some folks will look towards other options if Apple doesn't deliver. There's also folks out there who skip generations because of how Apple handles updating their devices as they often don't change the design completely but rather just update the internal specs and give it an 's' name. The final group of customers are the ones Apple loves. They're the ones who upgrade to the latest offering every refresh cycle without a second thought.

Yes I buy every new flagship iPhone that comes out.Garz, iMore Forums Member

A lot of the iMore Forums members fall into that final group but judging from some of the responses, it seems a lot of folks are also growing tired of flipping phones year after year. It's interesting to see and think about how all that would play out for Apple in the long run.

Where do fit in? Do you always have to have the latest? Do you carefully plan only S model purchases or even skip years? And most importantly, will you be getting an iPhone 6?

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