Will.i.am is making his own smartwtch, because why not?

This week will see Apple publicly launching OS X Yosemite, unveiling new iPads, and probably even a new Mac, but Will.i.am is shooting to steal some of that thunder by unveiling his own smartwatch. On the same day. I mean, sure, the Apple Watch is going to steal all of its thunder, but what's to stop a member of The Black Eyed Peas from charting his own wearables course?

According to the Telegraph, Will.i.am's smartwatch (which we're strongly-tempted to call the Will.i.watch) will be able to connect to a phone over Bluetooth, but will also work on its own:

[Will.i.am] said it will feature apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, leading to expectations it will run on Android software. It also boasts a music service to be delievered by UK firm 7digital. … The product has a curved, not a flat screen like Apple's watch.

Pricing, style, storage size, and any other relevant specifications were absent. The watch sounds somewhat reminiscent of the Samsung Gear S, a Tizen-powered curved-display standalone smartwatch. Apple's own watch is expected in the early parts of 2015 and will come in a variety of models.

This also isn't the first time that Will.i.am has dabbled in electronics. He not-so-famously launched a series of cases for the iPhone a year ago that added an extra larger camera sensor to the phone for those that weren't satisfied with the quality of the iPhone's much-lauded camera.

What could Will.i.am offer you in a smartwatch that Samsung, Apple, Pebble, Motorola and others have yet to offer?

Source: Telegraph