If you haven't heard, we're planning on giving away an iPhone 3G as soon as it's available. You can find the full details of the contest here, but the short version is this: if you made more than 20 posts1 in our iPhone Forums before July 22nd, we'll enter you in the random drawing. Of course, Apple decided to throw us a curveball by requiring in-store activation -- so we'll either try to buy it the old fashioned way for ya or if push comes to shove we'll get a way for you to get it on your own on our dime. Shame on your Apple.

The other thing that didn't get released yesterday? The iPhone 2.0 software update. That means that the iPhone App Wait-a-Thon continues! Anytime you see a post tagged "Wait-a-Thon," comment on it for that week's drawing for a $100 iTunes gift card. Full deets on that contest are here. Plus we have new winners2:

You may have noticed this is a Wait-a-Thon post. So it is and here's what we need to know: The new activation requirement isn't all that great? What else isn't all that great? Curved back got ya down? Does the lack of Cut and Paste cut you to the bone? Let us know to enter for the $100 gift card and go register and start chatting in the forums for a chance at the iPhone 3G!

1 Posts most not be spammy and worthless -- at our discretion. This isn't a democracy!
2 For those of you still waiting on your cards, we'll get them out today (we hope). Turns out iTunes limits the number of Gift Cards you can buy in a day month!. Who Knew? Time to open up another account, we suppose.