Our sibling site, WMExperts.com is doing their part to balance TiPb's Apple-centricity with a reminder that Microsoft Windows 7 launches tomorrow. However, since most iPhone and iPod touch users are also Windows users, TiPb's fully on board this new release train as well.

I've been using Windows 7 since the beta, and have ordered but not yet received my upgrade licenses (oh, hai Amazon!). Not to get all Mossberg'y, but I've found it to be solid, stable, and yes -- compatible. However, I liked Vista, so something that sought to make Vista better... it had me from announcement.

Those worried that there might be issues with Windows 7, it looks like both Apple and Microsoft have done everything they needed to do to make sure users would have no problems for iPhone, iPod touch, MobileMe, and/or iTunes 9 users. If you do experience any trouble, hit up TiPb's iPhone Forums and we'll be happy to trouble shoot with you.

For now, we're just curious how many of you plan to upgrade?