Brad Wardell is CEO of Stardock and a well known Windows developer who has just spent 3 weeks with the iPad and been impressed with its instant-on capabilities for email, rss, web browsing, video watching, social networking, and otherwise consuming content to the extent he thinks it may spell the beginning of the end for desktop Windows dominance.

I love my ThinkPad T400. But when I go to it, I have to pray whether it’ll come out of sleep. If it does come out of sleep, it’ll be slow. Maybe it will be out of batteries. Who knows. What I do know is that it’s far too slow as a consumer device. Netbooks are even worse. It seems like such a little thing – instant on. But it’s the difference between a DVR and a VCR in terms of leap of effective functionality.

He also likes that developers can make a lot of cool $2 apps. His take away:

The 3 things I mention here are so outshine the Windows PC experience that if Microsoft doesn’t get off its duff and start addressing them soon then I predict Windows will become purely a content creation device whose content is primarily consumed elsewhere. There’s really no excuse that in 2010, Windows is in the shape its in (particularly with regard to instant on).

I use Mac far more than Windows these days, but if I'm not doing hardcore content creation, I'm closing the lid and picking up my iPad. It's just that convenient.

[Brad Wardell via Daring Fireball]