In a write up nonchalantly titled "Lies, damn lies, statistics, and Apple...", our good friend Phil Nickinson over at sister-site WMExperts rightly points out that Apple gave Windows Mobile a full on shunning during the WWDC 2009 keynote:

Windows Mobile isn't even mentioned. Sure, Microsoft hasn't yet launched its dedicated app store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile. But that doesn't mean there aren't stores from which to buy apps – ahem, here's one – and it's an insult to all of the developers of the 20,000 Windows Mobile applications available.

Windows 7 did get a mention (and a ribbing, as usual, from OS X head Bertrand Serlet), but in the smartphone space...?


That might seem callous from Apple's part -- but here's the worse problem for Microsoft: Windows Mobile was missing from a lot of post-WWDC analyst and media commentary as well.

Apple still owns significant smartphone mind-share and the Palm Pre has captured the attention of the blogsphere and, since RIM is holding fast, that's coming at the expense of Microsoft (and maybe Android, which was last year's next big thing).

Realistically, with so many platforms now, when someone writes "Apple iPhone and..." "BlackBerry and..." and now "Palm Pre and..." there's only room for so many others in the sentence, and those places are becoming increasingly competitive.

With Windows Mobile 7 pushed out until 2010, and 6.5 not in consumer hands yet either, and with iPhone 3G S about to hit, things might not be changing any time soon either...

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